1. Sleeklens Photoshop actions review

    A Photoshop action is basically a recorded set of steps which allows you to reduce any series of long, complicated, time-consuming steps to one single click. Usually it takes minutes or even hours to achieve desired result by going step-by-step but with the help of actions the process becomes a…

  2. Make it rain! (Part 2)

    Hello folks! Hope you all are doing great So today I thought I’d share another technique I use to create my rain shots. I love rain and it’s always so much fun for me to create rain in my photos. I love the fact that how it changes the over-all…

  3. Make it rain - creating rain effect

    Hello folks!  I hope you all are doing great and passing a wonderful time! Today I’m about to share a simple trick I use to create some of my rain photos. Usually I use a spray water bottle to make fake rain, but this method is for getting a bit…

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