Sleeklens Photoshop actions review

A Photoshop action is basically a recorded set of steps which allows you to reduce any series of long, complicated, time-consuming steps to one single click. Usually it takes minutes or even hours to achieve desired result by going step-by-step but with the help of actions the process becomes a much more convenient, time-saving and automated. 

Even though I mostly do all my post processing manually, time to time I try different actions whenever I get a chance. For me actions are not only time savers but you can actually learn Photoshop techniques by studying them. 

So when I was given the Landscape Adventure Collection set from Sleeklens( to write this review I got very excited! Especial thanks to Jane Grates for being so generous and sending me over the action set. 

My one word for this action set would be: Awesome! First thing I like about these actions is that most are customizable and can be adjusted to the specific needs of the image. Since most actions are applied by adding various types of adjustment layers, the original or background layer is left untouched which means you can always go back if you don’t like the output. Also you can tweak or adjust the layer masks and customize any way you want. So there are many possibilities to get the right look for your image.

Another thing I really like about this set is that most of the actions are consist of few steps rather than loads of complicated ones and it takes less then 2 minutes to get the result. The effects are not over the top and tend to keep the natural look of the images. 

Here are few examples of my images using my personal favourites of the set:

Action used: TONE Sunset Colors

Action used: TONE Color Pop

Action used: TONE This Is Hot

Action used: BASE Autumn Colors

Action used: ALLINONE Warm Shadows

So for anyone who is looking forward to speed up their workflow and want some beautiful effects for their images, these actions would be great choice for you. And for beginner photographers, these actions could be a great way of learning and understanding how adjustment layers in Photoshop works and how you can create dramatic looks with few simple steps. 

The Landscape Adventure set can be purchased here:

Here’s a video on how to install PS actions on MAC and PC:

Here’s another video on how to work with the Landscape adventure PS workflow:

To see more actions offered by Sleeklens, click here:

Hope you enjoyed the review. See you on the next post! 

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